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  • Syringes & Cartridges (>200 styles & sizes)
  • Squeeze bottles (Yorker bottles)
  • Jars & Cans
  • Semkits or Techkits
  • Brush-in-lid containers
  • Field kits
  • Pre-Mixed & Frozen Syringes
  • Pails, Hobbocks, Wayboys, drums, IBCs/totes
  • Returnable or lined containers available for ease of disposal
  • Adhesives for metal, plastic, ceramic, glass,stone, rubber, wood, Teflon
  • Encapsulants & Potting Materials for PCBs, LEDs, modules, sensors, ignition coils, transformers, ballasts, capacitors, & more
  • Foams & Syntactics
  • Laminating Resins
  • Tooling Boards
  • Tooling Resins for mold making, laminating, prototypes, surface coat, master models, etc.
  • Primers & adhesive for hard to bond materials
  • Release Agents for silicones, urethanes, polyester, epoxy, etc.
  • Mil Spec
  • Federal Specifications
  • MIS Spec
  • both QPL & non-QPL
  • more than 2000 specifications currently active in our files.

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SP&S supplies some of the leading specialty materials used in the aerospace, automotive, and electronic industries including Arathane 5750 and Arathane 5753 (formerly Uralane 5750 & Uralane 5753) and the unique line of Arathane 7760 thermal transfer and staking adhesives. These materials have been the industry standards for high performance bonding, conformal coating, & encapsulation for more than 30 years. They feature outstanding physical and electrical properties and extremely low out-gassing for aerospace, high vacuum & optical applications.

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We stock & distribute specialty materials from more than a dozen manufacturers & customize packaging & formulations to meet the unique needs of each of our customers. The adhesives, coatings, encapsulants, and other materials we manufacture and distribute meet over 2000 Military, Aerospace & industrial specifications.

We are also very pleased to represent the world's premier manufacturer of Thermoset Resin processing equipment - Verfahrenstechnik Hübers (aka VTH or Huebers). Huebers is the leading producers of vacuum casting and curing systems as well as other specialty and custom processing equipment for specialty resins.

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