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Our company was founded in 2001, by several long-time employees of a company then known as Vantico  (formerly Ciba-Geigy, Ciba Specialty Chemicals), and now known as Huntsman Advanced Materials.   

We began as a specialty distributor for Huntsman.  Quickly, we developed into a multi-line distributor, specialty packager, and custom formulator of adhesives, coatings, sealants, encapsulates, mold-making and other tooling materials.


With over 2000 customers throughout North America and in more than 25 other countries, we continue to expand our offerings with the goal of meeting each customer's unique needs.

Our warehousing, production, and R&D facility is located in Valencia, California in northern Los Angeles County. We are just 45 minutes from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and 20 minutes from the Burbank Airport (BUR).


We accept orders from a few grams to multiple tons. Our specialty packaging equipment can package syringes from 1cc up to 1000cc cartridges and can handle custom labeling and specialty packages like dual syringes, tube kits and semkits.

Our on-site staff has more than 50 years combined experience in using and applying epoxy, polyurethane, and silicones. In addition we've put together a network of business partners, consultants, and associates that collectively brings the total pool of experience to more than 250 man-years (almost 500,000 man hours of experience). Our expertise ranges from resin synthesis & formulation, to processing, dispensing, applying, and curing thermoset polymers such as epoxies, urethanes, polyesters, and silicones.



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