Packaging Description: Pint (0.75#/340.5g), Quart (1.753#/795g)

Pints (0.75#/340.5g) for $43.69 / each
Quarts (1.753#/795g) for $73.43 / each



The Airout line of air release agents are additives specially formulated to facilitate the release of entrapped air from epoxy, polyurethane, polyester, and various other polymeric resin systems. They minimize or eliminate the appearance of bubbles and voids in castings and reduce or eliminate surface defects such as orange peel and cratering in coatings. Airout is designed for use in epoxy & polyurethane resins. Rapidly eliminates bubbles in casting, coatings, and impregnation systems. Stable and compatible with most resin systems. Reduced possibility of “sweat out” or oily surface appearance.


Pint, Quart

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