Arathane 5750A/B(LV)

Packaging Description: Quart kit (840 grams net)

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Buy 1-11, Quart kit (840 grams net) for $196.88 / each
Buy 12-47, Quart kit (840 grams net) for $181.59 / each
Buy 48+, Quart kit (840 grams net) for $157.87 / each


ARATHANE® 5750 A/B (LV) is a low-viscosity, translucent, soft, repairable room temperature curing urethane system specifically designed to provide excellent electrical insulation to electrical/electronic parts. This system is excellent for both impregnating and encapsulating electrical components due to its low viscosity. In addition, the cured polymer’s exceptional flexibility provides excellent resistance to fracturing under impact or during thermal cycling.

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