EpoPro 105A/B

Packaging Description: 50ml dual syringe cartridge, Quart kit (4# net)

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EPOPRO® 105A/B is a two part gap-filling adhesive system. This room temperature curing paste creates tough bonds with high strength, environmental stability, and chemical resistance. This system can be used for both electronic and industrial applications. In electronic applications, EpoPro® 105A/B can be used for wire tacking, ruggedization, and bonding components. It is also suitable for industrial applications including joining Glass Reinforced Plastic (FRP), metals, glass, stone, and ceramics. EpoPro® 105A/B is an excellent choice for demanding applications that requiring heat resistance up to 140ºC, and resistance to humidity, harsh environments, aggressive chemicals and vibration.


50ml, Quart Kit

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