EpoPro 157A/B

Packaging Description: 7oz Squeeze tube kit, Quart kit (6# net)

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EPOPRO® 157A/B is a two-part, highly filled epoxy paste adhesive and fairing compound. It has a convenient 1:1 mix ratio by weight and volume and is filled with non-metallic mineral fillers to prevent electrolytic corrosion when the adhesive is used on metallic surfaces. The mixed system has a creamy consistency that is easy to mix and apply and is sag resistant on vertical surfaces in thicknesses up to ¼”. The mixed EpoPro® 157A/B has a work-life of about 30 minutes and the material can be handled within 4 hours at room temperature. Bonded parts develop ~90% of full strength within 12 hours at room temperature. Once cured, the adhesive is temperature, chemical, and environmental resistant to at least 150°F(65°C.) The cured epoxy is also machinable and can be sawn, ground, tapped, drilled, and sanded with conventional tools.


7 oz, Quart Kit

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