EZ-Part 76

Packaging Description: Quart (1.85#/840g net)

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EZ-Part 76 is a solvent-free, water based emulsion of silicone polymers that dry to form an effective mold release film. It is an effect release agent for epoxy, urethane, polyester, rubbers, and many other type of polymers. EZ-Part #76 is effective on a variety of mold materials including wood, epoxy, steel and aluminum. It has been designed to produce little or no build up on released molds even after multiple applications and contains corrosion protection additives to help prevent the rusting of steel molds and spraying equipment. EZ-Part #76 is effective for both room temperature and heat cured systems, and can withstand temperatures in excess of 180°C without degrading. It is effective in very thin layers and does not stain ABS or PVC.

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