Key to Debottlenecking the RTM Process for Aerostructure Parts

Overcoming limitations in 1K systems

All the current RTM processes for aircraft structures use one-component (1-K materials) systems, that are formulated and premixed by the system provider, which required cold transportation and cold storage during it's life-cycle.

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Vacuum-Epoxy-System For Casting-Resin Transformers

  • Operates with high levels of availability
  • Requires virtually no maintenance.
  • Cast-restrain transformers are cast fully automatic first under vacuum and then under pressure.
  • Entire process is microprocessor-controlled.
  • Utilizes a multi-component resin with quartz powder as filler.
  • Constant casting quality from electronic online control of the metering as well as the overall process.
vacumm epoxy system cast-resin Image


Precision Continuous Flow System for Large Scale Production of Ignition Coils      

  • 8 casting valves able to meter out even very small quantities with maximum precision.
  • Void-free and dripless casting.
  • Pre-heating, curing and gelation in the oven-line.
  • Quality and process control with patented metering-monitoring system.
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Innovation for product quality and process efficiency: SVT - Silicone Vacuum Treatment - Huebers' new technology for silicone casting

  • SVT is the procedure that from the outset safely guarantees process reliability in the production of absolutely void-free insulators.
  • Components can be used in all container sizes including 1,000 l Ecobulk/IBC.
  • No discontinuity due to changing containers.
  • SVT is the complete prevention of air voids at the very start of the process.
  • No previously required steel mould, a less expensive aluminum alloy can be used as the mould material which replaces more expensive, energy-intensive water heating.

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Oven Systems From HUEBERS Optimize the Overall Process

  • HUEBERS high-performance incline-conveyor oven is a cost-favourable solution when the space requirement is not an issue.
  • HUEBERS automatic batch oven is a very compact form of construction with multi-stage temperature profiles where defined ramps can be set.
  • HUEBERS stack oven is a compact form of construction, where each pallet passes through exactly the same temperature profile.
  • HUEBERS serpentine conveyor oven is a relatively compact form of construction where each pallet passes through exactly the same temperature profile resulting in precisely reproducible process conditions.
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The COMPACT-Series From HUEBERS - The Large Scale Systems' Know-How for Small and Medium Lot Production

  • With COMPACT you can open up attractive niches in the market - primarily in the areas of epoxy, polyester, polyurethane and silicone castings.
  • With a dual-plunger pump in each vessel, it saves time and permits continuous casting without waiting times and gives higher productivity.
  • COMPACT allows HUEBERS vacuum mixing and metering know-how available for optimization of quality with small and medium sized production lots.
  • Flexible- the trolley-mounted compact system can be moved from manufacturing island to manufacturing island.

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Automatic Pressure Gelation - Innovative Gelation with Direct Injection

  • The APG (automatic pressure gelation) process permits short cycle times thanks to rapid gelation and demoulding with automatic opening and closing of the mould.
  • The APG production system is a continuous mould-filling process via static mixer with a shrinkage compensation unit, a clamping machine with both upper and lower core pullers and a compact arrangement for direct injection.
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Perfect Closing - Clamping Machines for the APG Technology

  • Automatic clamping machines permit the productivity advantages of APG systems to be fully realized.
  • The entire system in addition to the mould are easily accessible.
  • They can be tilted and rotated around various axes.
  • The HUEBERS clamping machines start with the basic model, and can be rapidly retooled and enhanced for other APG moulds.
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Vacuum Infusion of Composite Components: Fast and Bubble-Free with New Processing Technology

  • Bubble-free and void-free components by pre-degassing of the material components.
  • Short mold filling times by pumping the material.
  • Compact plant design by continuous processing and mixing of the material, regardless of the component size.
  • Highest process reliability by sensor control of the filling speed.

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Quality Optimization From the Very Start: Storage and Conveyor Systems, Vacuum Compounding and Material Preparation Systems

  • Storage and metering tanks for fillers and pigments in powder form.
  • Storage tanks for components in liquid form.
  • Conveying and metering systems for the controlled delivery of the components in powder, granulated and liquid form in addition to highly viscous paste forms.
  • Vacuum dryers for the preparation of fillers under vacuum and at controlled temperatures with measuring and conveyor systems.
  • Both continuous and discontinuous material preparation and metering for optimum casting quality.
  • Melting containers for material delivered in solid form.
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Impregnation Systems for Every Task

  • Compact impregnation systems with vessels in all required sizes.
  • Vacuum impregnation systems for electrical components, cast metal parts, refractory products, etc.
  • Vacuum drying and impregnation systems.
  • Atmospheric impregnation systems.
  • Oil impregnation systems.

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For the Precise Casting of Smallest Quantities

  • For simple axis movements up to complex three-dimensional trajectories.
  • Interpolation of mathematical functions and tables, linear interpolation.
  • Transfer and adaptation of trajectories also possible from drawings and pictures directly on the control panel.
  • Accuracy is absolutely error-free casting of the smallest quantities.
  • Freely programmable casting trajectory for three-dimensional casting geometry.

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