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SP&S is very proud to represent the world's premier manufacturer of thermoset resin processing equipment Verfahrenstechnik Hübers.  Hübers produces a wide range of custom equipment for Silicone Processing, Vacuum Mixing & Metering, Oven Systems, Compact Solution, Automatic Pressure Gelation, APG Clamping Machines, Vacuum Infusion, Compounding & Preparation, Impregnation Systems and Micro-Casting Systems.  More than 3000 machines and systems have been delivered to 60 countries since 1980.

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With our on-site vacuum potting and dispensing systems, we perform pilot and short run adhesive assembly and electrical component manufacturing on a contract basis.  In addition, we perform small scale teflon and metal etching and subsequent processing such as adhesive bonding or encapsulation.



  We perform many types of custom packaging for our customers, including:

  • Repackaging bulk chemicals such as fumed silica and epoxy resins into smaller containers or convenience packs
  • Kitting (packaging materials such as adhesives with all of the syringes, mixing sticks, or other supplies needed for field use).
  • Premix & freezing of two or more component products under vacuum and subsequent packaging into tube, syringes or cartridges.
  • Syringe, Cartridge, tube & semkit filling of single of dual syringes and cartridges.  We carry syringes size from 0.5cc up to 1000cc and can special order larger of specialty packaging.  We stock dozens of different styles of syringes including BD, EFD, Fischer, Fuji, GLT, Iwashita, Kahnetics, Mixpac (accumix), Musashi, Panasonic, Ritter Semco, and Techcon and have sources for dozens of other syringe and cartridge designs.


 In addition to our manufacturing and packaging services, we provide consulting services to an international client base. Our past projects included:

  • Raw Material sourcing, cost benchmarking and cost reduction programs.  We have saved our clients more than $2 million dollars annually by identifying lower total costs purchasing solutions.
  • Custom formulation development and application testing.
  • Plant layout and cost reductions for epoxy resin synthesis facility and for epoxy and urethane formulation plants on 3 continents.
  • Design and layout of encapsulate and adhesive dispensing and curing sytsems market analysis application engineering & failure analysis.
  • Litigation consulting (Product liability, experience witness testimony).
  • Regulatory compliance
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Safety Data Sheet (SDS), Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) or Product Safety Data Sheet (PSDS) is an important and vital tool in occupational safety health when handling materials such as chemicals, chemical compounds and chemical mixtures.  SP&S is dedicated to providing these safety documents to users of advanced materials as organized and efficiently as possible.  Please check out our new data sheets library.  Simply add your name and email address to the login screen and you will have immediate access to thousands of products from many manufacturers.  Safety is at the forefront of SP&S and keeping our employees, customers and communities safe is our first priority.  Go to SDS Library

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We will assist you with hard-to-find or Obsolete Products from other manufacturers.  Our experts have helped dozens of companies identify alternate products to replace obsoleted products and/or materials.

This can be and often is a very challenging process.  With new legislation continually being produced, existing legislation constantly changing, it can be hard to keep up.  Alternatives are often more expensive and (can be) not as effective.  So, what should companies do?  Migrate to the next closest option for better availability, lower cost, and technical risk, or hold out for a better replacement, offering better performance and lower costs, but with no guarantee?

Material and Product Intelligence is the key.

Let our experts assist you and your company with a viable replacement or customized solution that fits your needs.  Our goal is to provide you with a solution that is better, greener and safer product.

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