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Specialty Polymers & Services supplies some of the worlds most recognizable companies with advanced materials used in Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics, Woodworking and General industries across the globe.  

With a proven and established reputation for quality, service, and reliability SP&S has been providing high performance bonding, conformal coating and encapsulation for more than 30 years. These materials are the industry standard.

Additionally, representing industry leader Hübers Verfahrenstechnik, SP&S is uniquely positioned to provide expert consulting where electrical or electronic parts have to be cast and impregnated with maximum precision and greatest economic efficiency. SP&S can walk you through Hübers' extensive line of products and services to identify an optimum solution specific to your unique needs and requirements. Learn More


SP&S distributes more than 2000 Mil-Spec products


SP&S offers a wide range of custom packaging options.  From very small one (single) or two (dual) component packaging systems, to gallon, drum and tonnage sizes.  We provide repackaging and distribution services for some of the industries largest materials manufacturers.  No job is too big or too small for our custom packaging operations regardless of your requirements. 


SP&S offers custom labeling for all packaged and repackaged products.  Whether its item labels or shipping labels SP&S can customize your labels to accurately display product data to help you track and manage your inventory while complying to industry standards.  For more information, please get in touch and let one of our experts answer your questions.  

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  • Shelf Life Information
  • Certificates
  • SDSs and TDSs
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SP&S has been providing custom formulation for some of the industries largest distributors of Adhesives, Resin, Epoxies, Sealants, and Polyurethanes. We can provide you with a custom solution regardless of the project size and formulation complexity.  We will design and manufacture a solution that is cost effective and meets your exact specifications for quality and industries standards.


New to 2018, we have added a SDS library that currently contains approximately 5000 Safety Data Sheets.  Our intention is to add another 5000 SDSs in the near future to provide our customers with an additional resource of safety documents.  To learn more and see our library.  Go to SDS library